If a harpsichord, virginal or a clavichord is what you are looking for, then you have found the right place.

Here you will find early keyboard instruments for sale or to rent and also spare parts.  You can also get support with maintenance and restoration of early keyboard instruments.  If you would like to advertise free of charge or to make a request,  you are welcome to send an e-mail to info@tidigaklaver.se  

Mail can be sent to:

Tidiga klaver 1700
c/o Dan Johansson
Riggvägen 16
SE-133 44 Saltsjöbaden

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Octave harpsichord - Klavina - David Lehnberg, Leksand

1-manual octave harpsichord made by David Lehnberg, Leksand The harpsichords pitch is one octave above normal Compass: f - d3 = 39 ...

Harpsichord - J. C. Neupert

double manual harpsichord by J. C. Neupert, Bamberg/Germany Compass F2 – f3 Disposition: 16' + 8' + 8' + 4', buff stop  16' + ...

Harpsichord - Ammer

Double manual harpsichord by Gebr. Ammer in Eisenberg/Thür in Germany. Compass: F1 - f3 ​Dimensions: 200 cm x 95 cm ​Pitch: A440 ​Disposition: 1 x ...

Harpsichord - Sperrhake

Double manual harpsichord built by Kurt Sperrhake, Passau/Germany Compass: A2 - f3 Dimensions: 205 cm x 95 cm Pitch: A440 The instrument is located in Småland

Square Piano - Rackwitz (1796-1828)

Not allowed for export Square Piano made between 1796-1828 by George Christoffer Rackwitz (1760-1844), Stockholm The instrument is in need of renovation Compass: C1 ...

Harpsichord - M. J. Schramm - München

2-manual harpsichord built by M. J. Schramm, München Compass: F1 - f3 Disposition not confirmed but likely: 16'+8'+'8+4', Pitch: A440 Dimensions: 106x91x253 Was earlier propably owned ...

Tidiga klaver at Stockholm Early Music Festival 2015


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