If a harpsichord, virginal or a clavichord is what you are looking for, then you have found the right place.

Here you will find early keyboard instruments for sale or to rent and also spare parts.  You can also get support with maintenance and restoration of early keyboard instruments.  If you would like to advertise free of charge or to make a request,  you are welcome to send an e-mail to info@tidigaklaver.se  

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Tidiga klaver 1700
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All instruments for sale are in private ownership if nothing else is mentioned and the information showed was obtained from the owners.

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Double manual flemish harpsichord - Stig Lundmark - Tornedalens cembalobyggeri 2009

The main model for this instrument is a big double manual Rückers from the 17th century. The instrument was built with frame from pine wood and a spruce soundboard. The keyboards naturals are covered with bone and the sharps with ...

Harpsichord- Denzil Wraight - 1979

Italian harpsichord built in 1979 by Denzil Wraight after an anonymus instrument from 1693. The original is in the collection of the Smithsonian museum in Washington. Compass GG – d”’ String material: brass 2 x 8 foot Dimensions: 236 x ...

Grudinska samlingen for sale - a private collection

Grudinska samlingen is the collection of the Swedish "keyboardist" Inger Grudin and consists of around 20 original and copies of historical keyboard instruments. Harpsichord Martin Sassman 1974 Harpsichord Dennis Woolley 1981 Clavichord Pehr Lindholm - SOLD 1799 Clavichord Gottlieb Rosenau - NOT ALLOWED FOR EXPORT 1778 Harpsichord Martin Sassman 19?? Clavichord Carl Fudge, Boston 1979 Square piano Anders Söderberg - SOLD 1830-tal Cabinet piano Anonymus 1800-tal Grand ...

Virginal – David Wolff – Uppsala 2005

4-foot virginal made by David Wolff in 2005 after an instrument in a 17th Century art cabinet from Augsburg. Now at the Museum Gustavianum in Uppsala. (learn more about the art cabinet at Art Cabinet in Museum Gustavianum ) Compass c – c4 (without ...

Harpsichord – Sperrhake

1-manual harpsichord by Kurt Sperrhake, Passau/Germany Model: “Stingel” Compass: C – f3 8′ + 4′ Split lute stop Dimensions: 86 x 145 cm The instrument is located in Huddinge Contact: info@tidigaklaver.se

Spinet - Robert Bennett 2000

Spinet by Robert Bennett 2000 The original is an instrument by John Burnett made in London 1757. More about the original can be found here Compass: GG/BB – d3 (short, broken octave) Plectrum material: delrin Key top: bone and ebony Case in American alder (oiled) Dimensions: 170 cm ...

Octave harpsichord - Klavina - David Lehnberg, Leksand

1-manual octave harpsichord made by David Lehnberg, Leksand The harpsichords pitch is one octave above normal Compass: f - d3 = 39 toner Dimensions: 100 x 64 x 78 The instrument is in private ownership and located in Falun A similar instrument can be found ...

Harpsichord - J. C. Neupert

double manual harpsichord by J. C. Neupert, Bamberg/Germany Compass F2 – f3 Disposition: 16' + 8' + 8' + 4', buff stop  16' + 8' ​Dimensions: 236 cm x 105 cm x 97 cm Pitch: A440 Contact: info@tidigaklaver.se

Harpsichord - Ammer

Double manual harpsichord by Gebr. Ammer in Eisenberg/Thür in Germany. Compass: F1 - f3 ​Dimensions: 200 cm x 95 cm ​Pitch: A440 ​Disposition: 1 x 16', 2 x 8', 1 x 4' The instrument is located in Upplands Väsby, Sweden. The seller enclosed the instruments history (swedish ...

Harpsichord - M. J. Schramm - München

2-manual harpsichord built by M. J. Schramm, München Compass: F1 - f3 Disposition not confirmed but likely: 16'+8'+'8+4', Pitch: A440 Dimensions: 106x91x253 Was earlier propably owned by the Gothenburg Concert Hall​ Sold in present condition​ The instrument is located in Kareby


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