Sold harpsichord – Arne Lindberg – Stockholm 1974

1-manual Italian harpsichord built by Arne Lindberg in Stockholm 1974

  • Compass: H1 – e3
  • Disposition: 2 x 8-fot, buff stop
  • ​Dimensions: 184 cm x 79 cm x 20 cm
  • Dimensions combined transport and outer case: 191 cm x 88 cm x 23,5 cm
  • Pitch: a415
  • Weight: appr. 25 kg

Accessories: combined transport and outer case, detachable stand, music stand, tuning key and plexiglass lid.

The instrument was renovated in 2009 by Dan Johansson – Tidiga klaver. All jacks, plectra and dampers were replaced and the instrument regulated. The harpsichords sound is rich and beautiful.

The instrument is in private ownership and is located in Stockholm.

Cembalo - Lindberg_02 Cembalo - Lindberg_03