Sold virginal (Mother and Child) – Kilströms Klafvessinmakeri

Virginal after Ruckers with two separate instruments that can be played separate or coupled. When coupled – the Child is placed on top of the Mother. The Child can also be placed in the Mother for storage. (see pictures)

The Mother is a copy after a virginal by Ioannes Ruckers dated 1623 which is in the collection of Würtembergiches Landesmuseum in Stuttgart.

The Child is a 4 foot instrument (sounding one octave above normal) and mainly copied after an instrument by Andreas Ruckers and is located in Vleeshuis in Antwerpen

The painting is based on a painting by David Teniers (the Younger) and shows the castle Sterkshof, Deurne, where the Child was located earlier.

  • pitch: a415
  • compass: C/E – c3 (short octave)
  • key covers: naturals in bone – sharps in bog oak
  • jacks in Ruckers style with “mouse ear” dampers
  • plectra in Mother: quills from raven and rook
  • dimensions: Mother 170 x 45 x 30, Child: 80 x 40 x 15
  • price: SEK 300 000:-

The instrument is sold by Kilströms Klafvessinmakeri and is located in Strängnäs.


moeder with child on topmoeder keyboardkind