Sold harpsichord – Kurt Wittmayer – Germany 1968

single manual harpsichord by Kurt Wittmayer in Germany 1968

  • Compass: C – f3
  • Stops: 1 x 8-fot, 1 x 4-fot, lute stop (split)
  • Plectrum material: leather
  • Pitch: a440
  • Dimensions: 94 cm x 198 cm
  • Suggested price: 12 000:-

The instrument is located in Stockholm


The owner enclosed a description:

I am selling this instrument because I will have to move to a smaller apartment in several weeks. The instrument is in good condition (as can be seen in pictures and video here ). It was last serviced by Dan ( on April 2019. The starting price is 12.000 kr, but I could be open for negotiation.

This instrument was made by Wittmayer (Glenn Gould’s favourite harpsichord brand, the one used for his Handel Suites recording) from c. 1968 (according to ). It has a single manual with a 4′ and a 8′ registers (the later with split lute effect). They are controlled with a knee lever and several hand levers. Range is 4.5 octaves, from C to f”’. The plectra used is leather and the jacks are wooden.

The width is about 94cm and the length it’s a bit under 2m. The legs can easily be disassembled for transport. **Transportation not included**. Transportation must be arranged and accounted for the costumer. The weight of the instrument is not too heavy (being mostly wood, it doesn’t have a cast iron frame like a piano after all), so 2-3 not-very-strong people should be able to handle it fine.

The instrument is located in Kungsholmen, in Stockholm.

Video clip