Sold harpsichord- Denzil Wraight – 1979

Italian harpsichord built in 1979 by Denzil Wraight after an anonymus instrument from 1693. The original is in the collection of the Smithsonian museum in Washington.

    • Compass GG – d”’
    • String material: brass
    • 2 x 8 foot
    • Dimensions: 236 x 87 cm
    • Height: 22 cm – with stand 91 cm
    • Weight: 25 kg
    • Suggested price: 75 000:-

Formerly owned by Viggo Edén and documented on the record “Viggo Edén – klaverinstrument”


Klaverinstrument Viggo Edén

Excerpts from the CD “Klaverinstrument” by Viggo Edén Recorded early spring 2014 by Olle Grane, Green Hat Music & Sound Instrument photos by Green Hat except…

Recently adjusted and according to information given, in good order.

Located in Skåne